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Quickly, Quickly, There’s No Time! Hurry! Make Your Final Four Picks!

April 6, 2013

Ease up Liam Neeson, no one’s been kidnapped, except maybe the confidence in Pac-12 Officiating, Rutgers’ basketball program and Auburn’s BCS Title, but that’s not the matter at hand.

Four teams made it to Atlanta, and while there are three teams seeded No. 4 or below, this is not exactly Cinderella’s Ball, as Louisville, Michigan and Syracuse (scroll down for the graphs) all spent considerable time in the Top 10 of the polls and rankings, and are all currently ranked in Ken Pomeroy’s Top 6 (data that is somewhat reflexive as it includes input from each team’s NCAA Tournament record). Which would make Wichita State (No. 19 in KenPom) the one true Cinderalla crashing the party. No in-depth analysis forthcoming today, except to say that I believe the winner of the Louisville-Wichita State game will take the whole enchilada on Monday, over Syracuse.  While  I believe that will eventually be Louisville – According to The Power, Louisville has a 69.2% win probability for today’s game and a 43.9% probability of winning the NCAA Title – nothing would Shock me.  Pun intended.  I’m that kind of guy.


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