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2012 NBA Draft – Bobby True’s One-and-Only Mock, or “Who Should We Pick Now That Unibrow Has Been Taken?”

June 28, 2012

As a prelude to what are sure to be voluminous thoughts on what should have happened during today’s 2012 NBA Amateur Draft (ESPN, 4:30PM PST) in the coming days, here is my Mock Draft Version 1.0 (with no other versions forthcoming, emphasis on “mock”)  on ESPN’s handy-dandy 2012 NBA Draft Machine.  This represents more of what I think will happen than what should happen, which requires the actual trades, picks and other shenanigans to unfold before I can undress errr … address them, and otherwise ignores rumored or potential changes in the draft order (my crystal ball is not that clear).  Of course, there’s certainly a representation of what I think should be good judgment exercised for each team were the sequence of events to proceed as I suggest in my Mock.  My only hope is that I beat out SportsNation’s picks.


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